Quick Tip: Create Asana Tasks from within Groove

With the wide range of web apps we use at SlicenPress, it can be tough to keep everything connected, so I’m always looking for tricks to simplify things.¬†As an example, if someone emails us a support request that goes into Groove, we often need to create a task in Asana so we can assign that work to a team member.

groove-asana-email-linkOne quick hack to make this a bit easier is to use the “Custom Profile” feature of Groove and setup a link that will open a new email window to Asana. This link is then added to the sidebar of Groove whenever you’re viewing a support request. By using the variables in Groove, you can preload an email message to Asana with a few details of the task. Here’s the code we’re using to create the email link:

<a href=" request for {{first_name}} {{last_name}}&Body=Task Notes:">New Asana Task</a>

This will create a new email with the subject line of “Support request for First Name Last Name.” In the body of the email, I’ve preloaded a bit of text for “Task Notes:” but you can replace that with anything you’d like. Something like “Budget:” or “Deadline:” could be helpful as well.

Once that email window pops up, I’ll just add the necessary notes and hit send. This creates the task in Asana where I can then assign it as needed.

What ways have you found to connect various web apps?

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